Reasons Why Startups Should Focus on PPC

4 Reasons Why Startups Should Focus on PPC


Pay per click advertising is an important aspect of every successful digital marketing strategy. It is not just for big companies who can spend large amounts on PPC management. Even startups and SMEs can leverage the benefits of PPC to reach out to their targeted audience and promote their products online.

Being a brand new company, it takes time for you to rank for the organic keywords. PPC gives you a chance to attract potential customers from the beginning itself. Startups usually have high targets and pressure to meet their funding goals. PPC aids in achieving them in a fast and controlled manner.


PPC is a part of search engine marketing (SEM) and is also called paid search marketing. It involves creating ad copies and placing them in search results to attract potential customers and get charged when they click on the ad.

It is an alternative to SEO as it helps to attract your targeted audience quickly. SEO, on the other hand, takes a lot of time to get organic traffic to your website.



SEO takes a long time to drive targeted audience to your website whereas PPC campaigns or Adwords can deliver quick results. Adwords management helps in getting leads rapidly at affordable pricing without having to wait for months or for the organic efforts to pay off.

Three factors are mainly important for a PPC campaign to be successful. Adwords for small businesses will work if the below three factors are taken care of.

  • Quality of your product offerings
  • Creation of attractive and highly-converting landing pages
  • Highly optimized PPC campaigns


You are in complete charge of your PPC campaigns. From the platform to the type of ad, budget, keyword grouping, target audience, location, and interests, you get to decide everything. Customize your ads as per your business objectives.

You can also measure the performance of your PPC campaigns through an analytics dashboard. It helps you to see the fruits of your labor. The data helps you to see the type of traffic you are receiving, the amount spent on every cost/conversion and how well your traffic is converting into leads.


Demographic targeting plays a key role in the success of your PPC campaigns. Avoid age groups and interests that don’t work for your business and focus on ideal age groups for your business. You can also target your audience based on their gender. Using demographics within PPC campaigns aids your sales lead generation process and helps you to understand your targeted audience.


There is a general misconception about the cost involved around PPC campaigns and many believe that it is a waste of money. But, you can get the most value for your investment if done right.

When starting a PPC campaign, don’t put all your money into it. Instead, start with a small campaign and spend money based on the results. Identify the measurable objectives of PPC suitable for your business and analyze them before spending some more.

PPC management involves optimizing the campaign to achieve more with less budget. Try to implement CPC optimization techniques that help you to lower your cost/click. Identify the geo-targeted keywords that work for you and spend money only on those keywords. Increase the budget only for campaigns that deliver results and do a competitor analysis to identify the keywords and ad copy content that’s working for them.

There are certain cases where PPC is not an ideal companion for your business. You shouldn’t opt for PPC if your products have a low price and you do not have the profit margins to run a PPC campaign. Running a PPC campaign is not difficult. But you should have a good knowledge of how to do it correctly to get the maximum ROI from your ad campaigns.

Not everyone can handle a PPC campaign. You must consider an expert like Digital Capto for your Adwords management. Our team has the experience and expertise to implement PPC optimization techniques and work continuously to help you achieve the desired results that aid your lead generation process.


Both startups and established businesses can take advantage of the benefits of PPC. It can help you to sell products or services and get leads or improve brand awareness. You can make the best use of PPC when trying to promote time-sensitive offers which help you to get instant access to your potential customers.