Digital Marketing For a Ecommerce Store

Digital Marketing For a Ecommerce Store



The client was running a medium size apparels in California and wanted to sell their cloths online with their new Ecommerce Website.

Marketing Requirement

The client wanted to increase their online sales through Digital Marketing strategies and came with a small daily budget. Additional budget was only possible after we generate sales for the Ecommerce website.


Our challenges included competition from Ecommerce Giants like Amazon as well as a small budget to get started.

Our Strategy

We proposed a small budget Google AdWords campaign with focus on selling some of his high value products and a long-term SEO focus on some of the high traffic product searches. Our goal was to sell fast and keep cost per acquisition as low possible.

While Our SEO goal was to focus on increasing their overall website traffic for the keywords with high traffic and high cost per click.

Results Achieved

In less than 2 months, we were able to provide a greater ROI for the client with PPC clicks. On average their Ecommerce website was making about 10-15 high profit sales every week and the client was happy to increase the budget.

By the 4th month, he was making about 25-35 big sales and roughly the same number of sales for the other apparels. SEO campaign also started showing results by the 4th month and some of the sales friendly keywords started ranking on the first page in less than 6 month. Currently we are also managing their social media channels and running Facebook campaigns as well.

Team Size

1 Project Manager, 1 PPC Expert, 1 SEO Expert and a Web Researcher/Analytics Expert.